Tenderloin Identity

Portrait Project_1Murals are the public face of art in the Tenderloin, but there is also a rich culture of visual art and design behind the doors of Tenderloin’s many galleries, art studios and collectives that share the Tenderloin’s liveliness and grit and express it through their artwork. Through its own local gallery, the CBD has supported neighborhood artists and displayed their work to the public free of charge.

In addition to the gallery, the CBD also commissions artists for projects and events around the Tenderloin to promote greater neighborhood identity and cohesion. The CBD has produced and displayed three banner designs around the Tenderloin that focus on important neighborhood themes such as the large youth population and the historical significance of the neighborhood. Large-scale events such as Wonderland, an art installation festival, bring together the neighborhood’s many galleries to create and present new works to the public, while attracting other artists from across the nation and the globe. And smaller art projects, such as Patricia Warren’s Portrait Project, capture the spirit and uniqueness of Tenderloin families and residents through photography and other visual media.